We are a privately owned, hands on business, operating with over 1500 acres of prime land. We run three different farms to provide climatic diversity. We have invested heavily in dams, boreholes and waterpans to ensure irrigation is a key asset for us. We are privileged to have super modern facilities such as a fleet of refrigerated trucks and a fully spec’d pack house and cold rooms that can hold up to 50 tonnes of the farms produce.

We operate 24 hours per day and 7 days of the week, ensuring we are always packing the freshest produce possible. We are located within 1 hour of Nairobi international airport meaning we pack on the farm, fresh from the field, and have product airside within the shortest time possible. We embrace mechanized processes and aim for the best possible efficiency to pass on savings to the customers.



  • Over 1500 acres of privately owned land – we only sell what we grow
  • incorporated in 2008 – growing veg for the local market
  • Licensed and approved exporter of fresh produce since 2015
  • Employ 500 people - 40% are housed on farm
  • Family ownership and commitment to sector is long term
  • Robust planning with major investments planned
  • Current exports are 2,500 tons annually with aims to increase to 5,000 tons
  • Potential to support 20,000 tons annually - capable of managing agreed supply programs
  • Value addition: pack and label at source
  • Waste Management is a key focus, in particular large amount of composting
  • Farming at different ecological zones to deliver a wide range of crops
  • Superb water storage and borehole capabilities that allow ample water supply